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from china His appointment

Recently, Tebow was offered $1 million to play football in Russia. Earlier this year Tebow was the subject of a petition to the White House for President Obama to force Jacksonville to sign the former Florida Gator. Even Chuck Norris has gotten involved in Tebow mania, asserting earlier this year that Tebow is the “ultimate […]

As pathologist

As pathologist: the more scientifically done, the more effective. Blood Meridian is on my reading list. Haven decided about Cormac yet. True, the moose is not Canada’s official national animal. That would be the beaver. But what is a beaver but a large rat, turning forests into toothpicks? Switzerland has reintroduced the beaver at some […]

I dont like this one at all

I dont like this one at all. Everyone has different tastes. I voted for another option. If we manage to stay up this season, then Sam has a lot of work to do with this squad in the summer clear out the rubbish and create a squad with depth. For the time we have spent […]

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