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citing his eight interceptions

Guy is just a beast, he said, citing his eight interceptions. He said that while his family used to host games at different houses, they remained at his house for good luck. Lost when we were somewhere else, so now it at my house, he said. If you’re anything like me, the answer to all […]

Continue to stop the blending and using a spatula

Continue to stop the blending and using a spatula to get all of the sides scraped and back into the blended mixture. Once the mixture has gotten to a creamy brown consistency, pour into a bowl. Set aside.. “Ty was one of a kind and anyone who met him knew he was special. His smile […]

Got hot late last season many dismissed his surge

Got hot late last season, many dismissed his surge as a meaningless salary drive. Now Yoenis C is hitting well for the, way out of playoff contention, and some say C hot bat is evidence that is a cementhead. It got to be one way or the other: If Pence heroics were window dressing, so […]

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