I dont like this one at all. Everyone has different tastes. I voted for another option. If we manage to stay up this season, then Sam has a lot of work to do with this squad in the summer clear out the rubbish and create a squad with depth. For the time we have spent in the prem, we haven spent that much on players when you consider the sales aswell. If Palace want to me mid table looking up, then even if we re coup 30m for the likes of Townsend, Mutch, Cabaye plus some money for fringe players, we are 6 8 players short of a squad that can be called a squad rather than a first team with putty filler on the bench.

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I guess I just can get over how you left those kids in Cinncinati as they prepared for the first/last bowl game they would ever compete in. So what your beef? Gee too bad South Florida turned out to NOT be a patsy at South Bend and the wolverines beat your boys at Ann Arbor. Tough place to play, eh?? I really wish your irish had the Toledo U.

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